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· SJZU Global Talents Recruitment Announcement 2015/12/08 
· English teaching programs and application introduction 2016/05/10 
· Prof. Yuhou Wu, Secretary General of SJZU Visits UM, US and holds SJZU Overseas Job Fairs 2015/03/06 
· President Delegation from Transylvania University of Romania Visit Our School 2014/12/19 
· Dr. Simone Leao and Dr. Chunlu Liu from Deakin University, Australia visit SJZU 2014/10/22 

· German Delegation from University of Wismar Visited SJZU 2014/10/08 
· US Consulate General Shenyang Joined in SJZU Autumn Harvest Festival 2014/09/26 
· 2014 SJZU Postgraduate Opening Ceremony held in sports Complex 2014/09/15 
· The new semester is coming. 2014/08/23 
· Romanian Confucius Institute Summer Vacation Camp held in SJZU Between University of Transilvania and SJZU 2014/08/07 

· 2014 commencement ceremony of MIS program between SJZU and BU was held in SJZU 2014/06/16 
· Wu yuhou welcomed Japanese Guests 2014/06/09 
· US Consul General Scott Weinhold Joined SJZU 12ND Planting Festival 2014/05/16 
· President Shi Tiemao met Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Frank Stagnitti from Australia 2014/04/04 
· SJZU President Shi tiemao Met UK Queen's University Delegation 2014/03/21 

· Wu Yuhou meets Consul General Scott Weinhold with on his post taken Party 2014/03/17 
· President Olive Della, Carl of Etudes Superieures des Arts in Paris visit SJZU 2014/03/11 
· Senior Research Scientist Mr. Jorma Pietiainen Came to SJZU 2013/12/30 
· President Delegation from Transilvania University, Romania, the Confucius Partner Visit SJZU 2013/06/03 
· Stone-laying Ceremony of Sino-Deutch Energy Conservation Demonstration Project is held in SJZU 2013/05/28 
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