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Vocational and Technical School
2013-07-11 17:13   审核人:
Vocational and Technical College, which belongs to Liaoyang Branch of Shenyang Jianzhu University, locates in 11, Nanjiao Street, Liao. The college occupies 106,672m2, of which 66,000 m2 are modernized teaching buildings, laboratory buildings, a library and apartments of students. There are a standard playground for track and field, basketball and volleyball courts, and a gymnasium. There are 185 teachers, of which more than 30 have got master’s degree, and 2,834 students. Those who are ready to upgrade from junior college students and technical secondary school students to university students can register the undergraduate programs of Civil Engineering and Engineering Management and register 14 senior vocational college programs of Building Engineering, Building Economy and Management, Construction Cost, and etc. The college is well equipped, is under advanced management and has realized automatization and networking of official business.

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