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Arts Design Program
2013-07-11 17:09   审核人:
This program is established to foster the senior professionals who are engaged in the art design of inner and outer environment of a building, space art design, art design of cityscape and related research, education and management.

Through systematic study and basic training, the students will grasp the art theory, the methodology of art environmental design inside and outside a building, and the relevant knowledge of city planning. They will be capable of synthetically handle the relationships between art and environment, architectural art and relevant architectural techniques. They will also have the basic skills in interior and exterior environmental design relating to architectural art, in space design and in landscape and garden design.

There are two research directions in the program: interior design and environmental art design. The students will choose one of the two in the latter period of their learning.

Main courses of interior design: Sketch, Color, Design Basis, History of Art, History and Principle of Interior Design, Environmental Psychology, Architectural Element and Material, Furniture and Display, Landscape and Garden Design, Interior Design, and Space Design for Entertainment and Display, etc.

Main courses of environmental art design: Sketch, Color, Design Basis, History of Art, Environmental Sculpture, History and Principle of Garden and Landscape Design, Ergonomics and Barrier Free Design, Cityscape Conceptual Design, Landscape and Garden Design, Design of City Public Environment and Entertainment Space, Site Design, etc.

The graduates of this program are competent to work at the company of design, programming, education, research, publication and cultural museum to be engaged in art design, engineering design, teaching, and research. The program only recruit students of art. The examinees are required to have the basis and accomplishment of art. Those who want to enter the program must participate the examination of art which is organized by our university and get passed.


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