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Law (Construction Law Orientation)
2013-07-11 17:07   审核人:
This program is established to foster law-major integrated personnel who is equipped with basic theory of law, is familiar with both national building laws and regulations and operation rules of relevant markets home and abroad, and can apply knowledge of law and professional knowledge of architecture into practice.

Through systematic study and basic training, the students will grasp basic national laws and regulations, especially building laws and regulations and knowledge relating to civil engineering, and will be capable in the operation of lawsuit and non-lawsuit of project in the trade of construction.

Main courses: Nomology, Constitution, Civil Law & Code of Civil Law, Commercial Law, Economic Law, Administrative Law & Administrative Procedure Law, Contract Law, Real Estate Law, Law for Invitation and Submission of Bids, Urban Planning Legislation, Conspectus of Civil Engineering, Project Management, and other building laws and regulations.

The graduates of this program are adapt to take up work of management in administrative management departments of the field of construction and in enterprises of construction. They can become a counselor in enterprises or a full-time lawyer, or they can work in judicial departments.


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