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Polymer Materials Science & Engineering Program
2013-07-11 17:05   审核人:
This program is established to foster the advanced engineering and technical talents who shall possess the knowledge of polymer materials and engineering, and be able to conduct the works in these fields such as scientific research, technology development, techniques and equipments design, production and business management, etc.

Through systematic theoretical study and specialized practices, the students shall grasp the fundamental theories and possess specialized knowledge and basic skills in this field. They shall research on the polymer materials, the constitutions of their synthesized materials, and the relations between structures and performances, study the synthesizing and moldings techniques, analyze, test and evaluate the material, concentrating on the study of high polymer material and the processing and producing of advanced polymer material, develop new type of high performance, multi-functions polymer materials.

The subject of material of this program is the major subject of the ministry of construction. It has the authority to grant master degree of technology and engineering. Material experiment testing center is a key laboratory of the ministry of construction, possessing the first grade testing qualification in Liaoning province.

Main courses: Organic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, High Polymer Chemistry, High Polymer Physics, Principle of Chemical Engineering, Polymer Molding Techniques, Principle of Polymer Processing, Research Method of Polymer Materials Research, Chemical Construction Material, etc.

The graduates of this program are competent to work at scientific research and design institutes of polymer materials (especially of the high polymer decoration material, polymer architectural function materials and other polymer chemical construction materials), colleges and universities, functional management department, manufacturing enterprises or other relevant enterprises. They shall engage in the works of scientific research, designing, testing, developing, management and teachings.


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