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Materials Chemistry
2013-07-11 17:04   审核人:

This program is established to foster the advanced engineering and technological talents who will possess the elementary knowledge of material chemistry and construction material, and be able to engage in the scientific research, teaching and technology development in this field.

The curriculum of this program emphasizes on the fundamental theory of material science, especially on that of material chemistry. On that basis the courses of construction material have been combined with those of engineering applications. The students, through systematic studies and specialized practice, shall grasp fundamental theory of material chemistry and the related knowledge about construction material science and engineering. Led by the theory of material science, the students shall make thorough study on the innate characteristics of the material. Especially, based upon the theory of material chemistry, the students shall study the constitutions of the materials and the internal rules of structures and performances, and by means of modern testing method, measure and evaluate the macro and micro characteristics of the materials, and ultimately achieve the objective of designing and making new materials according to the specified performance designs.

The subject of material of this program is the major subject of the ministry of construction. It has the authority to grant master degree of technology and engineering. Material experiment testing center is a key laboratory of the ministry of construction, possessing the first grade testing qualification in Liaoning province.

Main courses: Physical Chemistry, Material Chemistry, Material Physics, Synthesized Material, Structural Chemistry, Material Testing Techniques and Construction Function Material, etc.

The graduates of this program are competent to work at scientific research institutes related to material science and engineering (especially to construction materials), college and universities, functional management department, and manufacturing enterprises to engage in the relevant teaching, scientific research, testing, development and management


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