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Logistics Engineering Program
2013-07-11 17:03   审核人:
This program is established to foster the advanced versatile technical talents with the knowledge combining technology and management to meet the requirements of socialist modernization. The students shall be capable of designing, planning and managing logistic engineering system, conducting logistic facilities’ design and research, developing logistic engineering information system, and conducting logistic business planning and management, and be able to comprehensively apply modern logistic technology, and computer and management information technology.

Through systematic study, the students shall grasp the fundamental theories and methods of logistic engineering, study basic courses like Logistic Engineering, management information system, communication and transportation, storage facilities, distribution techniques, e-business platform design, etc. The students will receive basic trainings for the modern logistic engineers, and have the basic capability of planning and designing societal logistics, production logistics for industrial, commercial and communication and transportation enterprises. They shall possess the basic abilities to conduct facility management, and to design and develop logistical storage and packaging facilities.

Main Courses: Programming, Electrical Technology & Electrical Engineering, Communication & Transportation, E-business and Platform Design, Operational Research, Management Information System, CAD, Logistics, Network and Communication Technology, Mechanical Principle and Design, Storage Management & Pack Technology, Transducers & Measurement Technique, Logistic Engineering, Means of Transport Applied, Modern Logistic Design and Simulation, International Logistic Practice, etc.

The graduates of this program are competent to work at enterprises and public institutions like national communication and transportation departments and trade administrative departments, ministry of communication and ministry of railway and their affiliated institutions, logistic operation center, material storage and transportation center, storage and distribution center, transportation departments of large enterprises, custom, import and export trade center, Scientific research institutes, colleges and universities, etc.


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