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Information Management and System Program
2013-07-11 16:59   审核人:
This program is established to foster the senior professionals who have a good command of the theory of modern management, master the basic knowledge and skill of computer software and hardware system, get a grip on the system thought and knowledge as well as the analysis and design method of information system, and are competent for the analysis, design, management and assessment of management information system.

Through systematic study, the students will get a grip on the analysis, design and realization technology of information management and information system; master the basic knowledge and skill of computer software and hardware system; have a strong competence in software design; keep abreast of the knowledge and development trend of the related field in relation to the program; master the basic method for document retrieval and data collection and have a certain competence in scientific research.

Main courses: Economics, Accounting, Principles of Management, Applied Mathematical Statistics, Operational Research, C Language, Data Structures, Computer Organization, Operating System, Introduction to Database System, Computer Network, E-business, Technological Economics, Information Economics & Information Management, Analysis & Design of Information System etc..

The graduates of this program are competent to work at the analysis, design, development and research work of information management and management information system at the administrative departments at all levels, industrial and commercial businesses, financial institutions, research institutes etc.


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