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Civil Engineering Program
2013-07-11 16:30   审核人:
This program is established to foster advanced engineering staff on design, construction, installation and management of civil engineering, research and teaching.

The students will have a comprehensive grasp on basic speculative knowledge of engineering mechanics, hydrological geology, building construction, constructional engineering, road bridge engineering, and ground engineering through systemic study and fundamental training. They are provided with the ability on survey and design, research, development, construction and management of civil engineering project.

This program implements the teaching system of “big program, multi-direction, late stage reposition”. There are three program directions for the senior class as architecture engineering, traffic engineering and ground engineering. With the basic training on civil engineering as the foundation, students can choose the subjects according to the social need and personal wish.

Main courses: core course, building construction, engineering surveying, steel structure design, reinforced concrete structure design, ground engineering, engineering structure seismic design, road engineering, road surveying and bridge construction.

The graduates of this program are competent to engage in technical or management work of design, construction, investing, developing, research, teaching and managing on building construction, ground engineering, road and bridge engineering.

This program continues to admit civil engineering English intensive training class. Oral English and listening training are intensified in teaching. Bilingual (English and Chinese) teaching is implemented in major fundamental and professional courses to foster advanced engineering staff for foreign-related projects.

Civil engineering program has passed the professional evaluation of “National Institutes of Higher Learning Constructional Engineering Professional Education Evaluation Committee”. There are three civil engineering related programs as constructional engineering, road and railway engineering, and disaster-proof and protection engineering that have Master Degree Awarding Powers. As Liaoning higher college key subject, the subject of constructional engineering was approved to be the doctor combined-training subject by ministry of education in 2004. Constructional engineering laboratory was awarded Liaoning key laboratory in 2004.


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