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Safety Engineering Program
2013-07-11 16:22   审核人:
This program is established to foster advanced engineering staff engaging in safety technology and engineering, safety scientific theory, safety supervision and management, safety healthy environment detection and monitoring, safety design and production, and teaching and research, in which building safety technology and security management are mostly emphasized.

The students will have a comprehensive grasp on basic speculative knowledge of safety principles, safety system analysis engineering and safety detection and monitoring through systemic study. Provided with creativity, they can acquire the basic training of engineers, and skillfully use various modern technologies to handle with related problems in safety engineering. Suitable for many posts, they are provided with the practical and research ability on safety detection, safety management, safety technology research and development, accident prediction, safety evaluation, emergency measure enactment, and analysis of accident cause.

Main courses: safety principles, safety economics principles, safety management, safety ergonomics, safety system analysis engineering, safety evaluation, manufacturing production and safety, science of disaster, industrial ventilation and dust abatement, safety detection principles and technology, fire engineering, safety code, construction safety, chemical engineering safety, mechanical safety, environment and safety, and electrical safety.

The graduates of this program are competent to be working on safety management, safety equipment design, safety evaluation, fire and explosion prevention, accident analysis and forecast in departments as government offices, architectural construction enterprises, designing institutes, army forces, public security, fire-fighting, insurance, traffic and estate management. They are also able to be engaged in teaching and research work in institute of higher learning and research institute.


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