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Urban Planning Program
2013-07-11 16:19   审核人:
This program is established to foster advanced engineering staff on urban construction general and detailed planning, urban construction and management planning.

The students will have a comprehensive grasp on city planning theory and method through systemic study and fundamental training. They are provided with primary ability on urban construction general and detailed planning, urban design, environment design, architectural design, urban construction management, research and education.

Main courses: urban planning principle, urban planning design, urban construction theory and history, architectural design and principle, urban highway and traffic, urban economy and management, design of urban gardens and afforest, urban environmentology and urban aesthetics.

The graduates of this program are competent to work at such kinds of enterprises and public institutions as urban construction management and planning department, research institute and institute of higher learning. This program has Master Degree Awarding Powers.

The students who intend to enter this program are required to be provided with certain art fountain and attainment. An examination on art should be taken after entering college, and those who are disqualified are asked to adjust to other programs.


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