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Brief Introduction of Rostov Programme
2011-09-12 09:58   审核人:
Programmes: Industrial and Civil Engineering; Structure's Design; Expertise and Estate Management; Information Systems and Technologies; Organization Management; Architectural Heritage Reconstruction and Restoration; Production of Building Materials, Units and Structures Industry; Mechanization and Automation in Construction; Standardization and Certification; Sales Management and Goods' Expertise in Construction Industry; Roads and Aerodromes; Traffic Machine and Machine Equipment Maintenance (auto service); Organization of Carriages and Road Traffic Control; Organization of Traffic and Safety on the Roads; Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation; Water Supply and Sewage; Engineering Protection of Environment; Fire Safety; Technological Process and Production Safety; Emergency Situation Safety; Finances and Credit; Accounting, Analysis and Audit; Economics and Management at Enterprises; Marketing; Anti-crisis Management; Advertising; Applied Informatics in Economy; Applied Geodesy (Survey); Urban Cadastre. Type of course: there are daytime and extra-mural departments at the Rostov State University of Civil Engineering; Length of programmes: Engineer, 5 years, Bachelor, 4 years, Master, a further 2 years, PhD, a further 3 years, DSc, a further 3 years; Date of commencement: September 1st; Class size: 12 - 25 students; Accommodation Available: There are three students’ hostels at the University; Fees: 1300-1800 Euro; Student grants Available Admission requirements Secondary education Certificate Medical Certificate Language of Training: Russian Student profile • Ratio of National / Overseas students: - 9715 / 228 • Ratio of Men / Women: - 5567 / 4376. • Age range: - 17 - 30 years. Contact for application: Dr. Viktor D. Eryomyn Vice-Rector for International Affairs Dr. Sergei V. Meshcheryakov Head Of Department For International Education And Cooperation; Telephone: +7 (863) 263 71 75; +7 (863) 263 45 89; Fax: +7 (863) 263 71 75 interdep@rgsu.donpac.ru

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