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Entering International Engineering College
2011-09-12 09:52   审核人:
On May 24, our university delegation who is in course of visiting Russia attended the international conference host by international engineering college league. The president of international engineering college union announced that Shenyang Jinzhou University from China was allowed to enter the international engineering college league and also awarded the member unit certificate to the secretary of Party committee Fuchang Zhang. After accepting the certificate, Fuchang Zhang gave a wonderful extempore speech in the conference. The international engineering college union was founded in 2004.Currently, it includes Germany, England, France, Turkey, Mexico, China and Russian etc .Nearly about twenty countries have entered the league. The main idea of the league is developing and researching engineering college's system construction, academical innovation, college running direction, managing pattern and so on. They often have active communication and cooperation. The conference is hosted every three years by the organization

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