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A Big Reunion after 30 Years' Graduation
2011-09-26 09:38   审核人:

On September 10th, 2011, the traditional Chinese teachers' Day , about 350 students who entered Shenyang Jianzhu University in the year 1981 return SJZU for a big reunion after 30 YEARS!

At 8:00 in the morning, university volunteer students wearing white suits and chest cards wait in lines to welcome their senior alumni’ returning.When senior alumnus arrived, they took a picture together to remmeber the memorable moment, and then they followed the volunteers to university museum where they unveiled the commemoratorystone donated by all alumnus with the university motto. Then they had a meeting in university Xinning Science Hall, recalled lots of funny stories in their university times, and presented flower to their former teacher to express their heartfelt thanks. All the 81 stalumnus were surprised about university’s progress and great changes.
In their farewell banquet, the 81 stalumus toasted to have a good health for the next 30 year’s Big Reunion and wish their endless blessing to SJZU.(By Zhan Yang Foreign Language School 0901)


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